The Magic of a Wedding Day Packing List

December 7, 2016

The Magic of a Wedding Day Packing List


Weddings require so much “stuff”! If you are getting closer to your wedding day, you know what we mean because you’re reading this while sitting on a platform of boxes that all need to go to your venue very soon. Managing everything you bought off or made during one of your Pinterest binges can feel impossible. And nothing feels worse than finding out you left important items behind.


The solution is so simple, but most couples don’t do it. Create a very basic packing list and inventory system.




Now, we realize this requires a bit more organization than some people find natural, but we promise you the results are priceless. We’ll even break it down into a few easy steps (you’re welcome!):


Step 1: Pick up a couple of large boxes (more if you know you’re going to go crazy with DIY items). Label these boxes with the event or venue to which they will eventually go and a number. For example, one box might read: “Reception - 1”, or another might say: “Church – 4”.


Step 2: Attach a piece of paper to the outside of each box. Write down every single thing you put in each box (you will thank us later), and add each item to a master list. The master list entry should include both the item, and the box (i.e. Unity Candle Holder – Church Box 2). You can be computer savvy about the master, but the one that is attached to the box is non-negotiable!


Step 3: Follow steps 1 and 2 for absolutely every single thing that you want to bring on the wedding day. Do not make exceptions.


Step 4: Use your master list to pack up your vehicles when the wedding day arrives. You will be able to find things easily because you’ll know the box where they can be found, and you will know you have everything because your master list will be completely checked off. It’s also a handy tool when you meet with your day-of coordinator to review final details.




***Bonus points***


You can take this simple organization system a step or two farther. On your master list, add a column labeled “Person Responsible” or “Assigned To”. Next to every single item, list the name of the person you have asked to set up or look after each item. You can even add a “Goes Home With” column for end-of-the-night efficiency.


On the outside of each box, with the inventory sheet that you created originally, attach specific instructions for handling your items. The more specific you can make the instructions, the better. Even if you walked your day-of coordinator through every single item, think of how much better you’ll sleep knowing that a backup set of instructions is attached so any person who encounters your boxes will know exactly what to do with them. As a DOC, it is wonderful to have that little backup in place in case a box is accidentally picked up by a well-meaning service partner, or in the event that you forgot to tell us what to do with something you included. It’s the best possible way to ensure that your instructions are followed exactly on the wedding day.


See! A couple of pieces of paper and a few labeled boxes, along with a commitment to staying organized, are all it takes to avoid wedding day disaster. What are you waiting for? Start labeling today!





For more information, visit our website at XOXO Weddings and Events.


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